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How to get more Subscribers on YouTube with Notify Buk

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnMonday, June 22nd, 2020 - No Comments »

Notify Buk is an online mobile advertising platform which allows its users to generate revenue and also reach their target customers daily at a cheap price. Notify buk pays customer for reviewing a product on their platform. Payment is done through mobile money. It is an alternative to most people that have been rejected by one advertising platform or the other.       So download Notify Buk App on Google Play Store.  Download link >>>  Notify Buk and grow your YouTube. 

Online Scams: How to avoid getting fooled

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnTuesday, May 15th, 2018 - No Comments »

Beware of diverse tactics, so not to be fooled into giving up your hard earned money through seemingly innocent money-making schemes. Internet scam is real, with greater risk dealing with credit cards, bank accounts and other mediums involving you to send or receive money online. Photo: To begin with are bank /credit card email scams. You will receive an email asking you so sign up to your bank account or credit card details because your privacy is under some danger. Beware! Never. 

Tips to get more repeat visitors to your website

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnMonday, May 14th, 2018 - No Comments »

Content is “King” when it comes to the internet. Less people will visit your website for graphic and flashy images whiles more people will visit for your amazing content available for them to read. Note, having good content does not only direct repeated and new visitors to your website, it also increases your search engine placements. Photo: Tips to help you create content to get repeated visitors to your website. To start with, your website must have a good layout. It should. 

3 easy and quick website marketing ideas

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnMonday, May 14th, 2018 - No Comments »

Marketing online does not come cheap. From spending of thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) and on sites-targetted. However, this article will empower you on how to start the free way. It will help you to at least reduce your advertising costs. Photo: Firstly, start with free business cards. You can leave them everywhere you go and also to potential clients you meet. It cost nothing to share your cards at Shopping Malls, Pubs, public notice boards,people you meet on. 

How to block spam in your inbox

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnSunday, May 13th, 2018 - No Comments »

Spam is generally an electronic message  sent to promote any product or services, especially from “Adult” products, cosmetic, financial to graphic design for websites. Hackers also use this means to gather your personal information like credit card details or passwords for sites like Ebay or PayPal by spreading viruses or dangerous links to websites. These messages or links may appear genuine, but we careful not to click or read such messages. “Phishing.” Is what this technique is called. Photo:. 

Tips to protect your website from hackers

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnWednesday, May 9th, 2018 - No Comments »

Website security is fundamental, both for small and big companies. It is very devastating to loose your business online when you could easily avoid it. Lately, hackers are employing diverse tactics to get into the back door of most website. Big companies like Twitter, MySpace and the likes have all fallen victim and are always finding better and precise ways to be ahead of hackers. The goal here is to prevent it before it happens. Photo:  Use Digital Certificates Every website doing. 

3 ways to generate income from your website

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnWednesday, May 9th, 2018 - No Comments »

Do you own a website? I will teach you 3 ways you can do to generate extra income for yourself with no major skills required. Before I start with, consider the content of your website as well as your niche market or target audience. How about the number of visitors to your website daily, weekly or monthly? Photo: After considering the above information, below are 3 ways to make some extra money from your own website: 1, Google Adsense undoubtedly is one product most bloggers and website. 

Is the computer repair business dead?

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnTuesday, May 8th, 2018 - No Comments »

Today, computer repairs are being done by computer novices at a rate higher than before. From installing a hard drive, memory or installing an operating system. Increasingly people do their own repairs. Photo: I ask myself what is accounting to this current trend? Like most field of endeavours, the computer industry is evolving. From my observation, it began with computer companies such as Microsoft, manufacturing products as easy to use as possible. As a computer repair technician what. 

Avoiding all the scams in home business

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnTuesday, May 8th, 2018 - No Comments »

You may have come across many website claiming to offer fantastic home business opportunities. There are some genuine people that make money at home through online jobs, but a lot other so-called opportunities are scams. Do you know how to differentiate between the two? Below are some tips to empower you to detect these home business scams. Photo: To begin with, applying some common sense is vital. Do not let the economic pressures lure you into believing the promises you come. 

Wala:Get empowered to save a life today

By Kwasi Ampadu | OnMonday, May 7th, 2018 - No Comments »

Have you ever been in a situation where a relative at the hospital is in dire need of blood or else breath his or her last? You will attest to the fact that one way or the other we have witnessed or heard of such crucial moment in life. Hoping to donate blood? however dont know the process?   Worry no more, to address this challenge, the National Blood Service and BISA have partnered to develop the WALA health App to drive voluntary blood donations. Wala which means Life in the Ghanaian GA Language,.