For all its security and privacy credentials, people have been using VPN services increasingly over the years thanks to their streaming service unblocking capabilities. Subsequently, providers have made specific Amazon Fire TV Stick VPN clients for this very purpose.

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But can you use one to stream in 4K?

The short answer is yes – and we’ll tell you exactly what you need, from the right hardware and software, to the kind of internet speed you’ll need to confidently stream in 4K.

What do I need in order to stream in 4K?

If you’ve found yourself here you’re probably well equipped and at the final hurdle, but just in case… While it’s important you have a VPN that is up to scratch when it comes to streaming in 4K, there are a few bits of hardware you’ll need to ensure you have before hurtling ahead with all the hopes and dreams of Ultra High Definition movie marathons.

First things first, a regular Amazon Fire Stick won’t do. Ditch its Lite or bog-standard iteration for the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – or its pricier older sibling the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max – for 4K resolution support.

And that’s not all. A Fire Stick is only as strong as the TV set-up it’s plugged into. For optimum picture quality, ensure you’re hooking up your Fire TV Stick to a 4K TV.

Then all you need is a VPN that can stream in 4K. Realistically, all that means is a VPN that offers consistently good speeds and a reliable connection.

How fast does a VPN need to be to stream 4K?

It’s easy to assume you’ll need the fastest VPN in order to comfortably stream in 4K. However, while VPN speed results can make or break its ranking across our guides, it’s fair to say that a lot of the time the average Joe does not require those scores soaring above 500Mbps. Or even above 300Mbps, realistically.

In fact, in order to stream in 4K, according to you need a minimum of 25Mbps for most services. The site does go on to state you’ll likely want 25% leeway in order to cater for any more demanding action on screen and to avoid your resolution dropping mid-watch.

Considering the VPN taking the top spot as one of the speediest VPN on the market is NordVPN with averages of 730-760Mbps, many of the VPNs featuring in our ‘best’ guide are well and truly up to the task.

Source: TechRadar