On many occasions, I get people asking me how to acquire web design skills. Already, some are trying to learn php, java script etc. Web Design is loaded with fields such as html, css, java script, php, mysql, etc. My advice is that, choose a field and perfect it.

With my 7 years of experience as a front-end web designer?, there is no one I have come across in the professional world who knows all the fields in web design. Someone excellent at php, jQuery, mysql, java script, UX design, UI design etc all combined. Even if there is, maybe a hand full. Perfecting all the fields is very difficult.

Web design is made of two major parts. The front-end and back-end. Front-end has to do with the visual elements of the website. Colour, text, shapes, photo, menus etc. While the backend deals with the behind the scenes of a website. The back-end as the name suggests holds the front-end. In other words the viewer always see the front-end while the back-end becomes invisible.

To acquire front-end skills in web design, one will have to learn some of these fields. Html, css, photoshop (or any graphic software) among others. Html is the basic structure of a web page. Learn HTML the easy way. CSS meaning Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language for the layout and styling of a webpage. Photoshop or any other graphic software will help you design pixel perfect logos, web banners and many more. For back-end skills, java scripts, mysql, php, jQuery, etc are fields to perfect.

When seeking for a job, no employer will insist that you know front-end and back-end. Well if you happen to know both, that is a plus for you. So folks choose a web design field and perfect it.