Cisco Extends Endpoint Protection With Advanced Email Security

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On April 16, Cisco announced a series of enhancements in advancement of Malware Protection (AMP) for providing email security and visibility capabilities at Endpoint Platforms.


The new potential include Cisco Visibility, which provides a threat hunting capability to AMP for Endpoints, enabling security professionals to gather insights for investigations.

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Fileless malware detection and prevention has also been enhanced, as has email security with advanced phishing and domain protection services. The new email security features in AMP for Endpoints come to Cisco by way of an OEM integration with email security vendor Agari, which former Cisco executives founded in 2009.

Jason Lamar, senior director in Cisco’s Security Business Group, said Cisco has had secure email gateway technology since it acquired IronPort in 2007. What Cisco had been missing is a Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) email authentication capability.

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