Co-creation Hub Nigeria announces latest incubation cohort

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Following a search for ambitious Nigerian tech solutions, Co-Creation Hub Nigeria has announced a new cohort for their 2018 Incubation Program.

CcHub received over 500 applications from across the continent and over the next 12 months each company will be incubated to gain traction, access funding and guide them on the path to building a sustainable business.

The latest additions to incubation program that have gained some traction, generated revenue with potential to scale are:

Identity Tech – a cloud-based service that gives its clients access to an array of tools for
customer experience Management which includes: visitor management, queue/service
management, customer survey management and a biometric solution for staff attendance,
thereby eliminating the use of pen and paper, and making it possible to analyse data in real time
and over a long period of time.

Track Your Build – a mapping, GIS and data management company that provides clients with
the information they need to build new assets or extend the lifespan and usefulness of existing
ones.The company uses drones, satellites, cloud computing and analytics for smart
infrastructure management. Track Your Build employs a hands-on and on-site approach to
providing their clients the support they need.

E-Estates – a mobile application that enhances living experiences for residents staying at gated
communities, putting convenience at their fingertips. They help estate owners better coordinate
their affairs and overall interaction/communication with the residents. The app features include
emergency services, guest management, real time vending for electricity bills and handyman

Doctoora – an infrastructure as a service company that increases access to quality healthcare
by providing health care professionals with fully serviced medical facilities, to rent on a
pay-per-use basis. The company has 3 locations in Lagos – Opebi, Ogudu and Surulere with a
capacity to deliver 430 clinic hours per week.
Each of these companies will receive $25,000 in funding, free workspace for their teams,
CcHUB Incubation Unit




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