Today, computer repairs are being done by computer novices at a rate higher than before. From installing a hard drive, memory or installing an operating system. Increasingly people do their own repairs.


I ask myself what is accounting to this current trend? Like most field of endeavours, the computer industry is evolving. From my observation, it began with computer companies such as Microsoft, manufacturing products as easy to use as possible. As a computer repair technician what is your next move?

Thinking outside the box is crucial. You must begin to offer top notch customer service. Packaging is important. How fast is your delivery? Any package you are offering that no one else offer? Are your prices reasonable? Premium delivery/service can help you to charge more money.

As a computer repair technician, check out industry prices and operations. Find out what your competitors are doing and outsmart them. Remember getting known as an affordable place and yet giving professional service is good for business.

Note that treating a customer with respect means you are making more money. Customers returns the next time and you also get referrals by them.  So as the computer industry is evolving, you also get innovative so as to be in good business and make more money.