Content is “King” when it comes to the internet. Less people will visit your website for graphic and flashy images whiles more people will visit for your amazing content available for them to read. Note, having good content does not only direct repeated and new visitors to your website, it also increases your search engine placements.


Tips to help you create content to get repeated visitors to your website.

To start with, your website must have a good layout. It should be easy to navigate and good looking for the visitors’ eyes. Remember in design, space is a design element, meaning your website should not be clumsy or composed with too many flashy features. The less your graphics, the better user experience for your visitors. Your webpage should not distract the readers/visitor’s focus from reading your content.

Also, like I said before, content is “King”. The most important part of your content is the headline and the first few paragraphs. That tells or triggers the reader to continue or not. Your first paragraphs or introduction about your topic must be captivating.

In addition, update your website with fresh content. Be consistent with your postings. Any good reader takes note of when to visit your website to read. Never disappoint them when they should visit and there are not new news/articles to read. Note that the more you post, search engines indexes your content, which will give you higher search rank.

Lastly, using blogs is great, I will tell you why. Blogs are very easy to set up and update. Also enables the writer to add precise and enough tags as possible for Google online content indexing for good ranking and search engine optimization.

Remember content is everything!