Spam is generally an electronic message  sent to promote any product or services, especially from “Adult” products, cosmetic, financial to graphic design for websites. Hackers also use this means to gather your personal information like credit card details or passwords for sites like Ebay or PayPal by spreading viruses or dangerous links to websites. These messages or links may appear genuine, but we careful not to click or read such messages. “Phishing.” Is what this technique is called.

Photo: © Kenishirotie

Here are some tips you can employ now to guide and reduce spam and boost your email security.

Firstly, use good and premium antivirus software. After, configure your antivirus software to periodically scan your incoming emails for potential viruses. While making sure your antivirus software is up to date.

Secondly, create a different email for a particular purpose, if you often sign up for “freebies” or other stuff on the internet.

When putting an email on your blog or website eg your contact page, you can submit it in a way only recognizable to a human. Example if your email is, then post it as “info at”. That way email bots software cannot automatically pick your email on your website or blog and send you spam messages.

Lastly, do not open an email you don’t not believe the sources. Don’t even attempt to download any attached file to the mail. Always delete such messages straight away. Now, help reduce spam in your inbox.