Even if your company has a fantastic business proposition, if you can’t pitch your idea, you won’t get far. Pitching is a crucial skill for entrepreneurs. This month MEST Accra will be bringing together a panel of expert facilitators to teach the skills needed to perfect a pitch.

In this all day workshop, participants will be coached on slide deck creation, pitching style, pitching to partners, pitching to investors, and more. Ashwin Ravichandran, MEST Director of Portfolio, will be teaching slide deck creation, while Asoriba cofounder and Forbes 30 Under 30 Nana Prempeh will teach pitching to partners and the founder of the first African company to go to 500 Startups, Kamil Nabong, will cover pitching to investors. They will be joined by Buildpals CEO Alfred Adusah and experienced media strategist and current Head of Partnerships & Strategy for Alt Technologies Heather Mavunga. These expert facilitators will be supported by a skilled group of business and entrepreneurship mentors.

Learn more about our facilitators below!

About Ashwin Ravichandran 

Originally from India, Ashwin is an Interactive Designer/Developer, specializing in UI/UX. His expertise spans engineering, research, and web development. He began as a tech fellow at MEST now leads the MEST incubator in Ghana. His role is to help the companies grow and expand the incubator since the inception of the incubator in 2010. He focuses on company growth and success in terms of business development, product management and raising further rounds of funding.

About Kamil Nabong

Kamil is an entrepreneur and a senior fellow at the MEST Incubator where he mentors and works with 40+ startups in shaping their technology and business strategy. A MEST and 500 Startups alum, Kamil has 7+ years of startup experience and is overwhelmingly passionate about building and growing SaaS, powering great user experiences and making data-driven decisions. He has pitched on both local and international platforms and gone on to win several pitch competitions as well as raised investments in Ghana and Silicon Valley. He is keen on sharing his successes and failures during the pitch 101 workshops.

About Nana Prempeh

Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, Nana is the cofounder of Asoriba, a startup focused on providing technology to over 520 million African Christians through helping churches effectively run their admiistration, while seamlessly engaging with members through content sharing and enabling easy donations using mobile. He has helped Asoriba garner partnerships with internationallty renowned companies such as Barclays, Techstars, and Interswitch.

About Heather Tino Mavunga

Heather is the founder and Creative Director of Madame Editor, a creative consultancy based in Accra, West Africa. She grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa. She spent five years working in media and entertainment in Johannesburg, South Africa. She developed skills in content creation, media strategy, and creative communication skills. She also handles editorial for AB2020 and partnerships & strategy at AF Radio. AF Radio is an award winning product that helps audio content producers increase their revenues, through dynamic audio ads while AB2020 is a communications and events company that connects, services and highlights investors, businesses, projects & entrepreneurs operating in Ghana, and Sub-Saharan Africa from London.

About Alfred Adusah

Alfred is a software entreprenuer who is very passionate about the development of Africa and its people. He currently leads a highly innovative team as CEO of Buildpals Technologies, a Ghanaian based software company that develop proprietary business software. He is also known for his excellent communication skills and the ability to inspire others to action and he embraces every opportunity to share his knowledge with others.

This is a paid event and tickets cost GHC250.

This includes lunch. Payment can be made at the door.



Fri, September 28, 2018

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM GMT


MEST Incubator

19 Banana Street

East Legon