Everything you need to know about the new Gmail biggest upgrade since 2011

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Google, today announced it biggest changes to Gmail since 2011. The new Gmail is easily align to the “Material” design principle.A pane on the right side shows in-line interfaces for Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Tasks.


The new Gmail is not automatically accessible to every one yet. Google is rolling it gradually so you will notice it when you have the option to click on the gear and select “try the new Gmail.”

Snoozing, nudging, hover actions, and a new sidebar  are great new features available. A new “Nudge” feature will point out emails that have sat untouched in your inbox for some time. In the demo, orange text is shown in line with the message that says “Received 3 days ago. Reply?”  Another new feature is the ability to deal with messages with a single click right from the inbox, thanks to inline action buttons like “Archive,” “Delete,” and “Snooze.” Security warnings are also getting a bolder, more alarming red design.


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The other major new feature in this update is “confidential mode.” The idea here is simple: When you write an email, you can select for how long the recipient will be able to read the email. Recipients will not be able to forward, copy and paste, download or print the content. You can’t stop anybody from taking a picture of the screen of course, but what’s maybe more important here is that if anybody ever hacked the recipient’s account, that email with your confidential information will be long gone. For added security, you can also add a second-factor authentication here, where the recipient will have to receive an SMS message with a Google-generated passcode to read the email.

Other new features in Gmail include high-priority notifications, which will only notify you of a new email if Google deems it to be really, really important, and unsubscribe suggestions, which nudges you to unsubscribe when it looks like you stopped reading messages from a given newsletter (low open rates are the bane of newsletter publishers, after all, so they’ll be okay if you leave).


The sidebar also features Google Keep for note taking (though sadly, it doesn’t look like you can attach notes to emails or even drop them into a note) and Google Tasks. Tasks actually has a bit of a connection to your emails since you can drag and drop emails into the sidebar to create new tasks. Personally, I use the Trello add-on for this (and all regular Gmail add-ons will still work with the new Gmail), but I’m sure people will find plenty of uses for this.

Finally, a new confidential mode allows you to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages—useful for when you have to send sensitive information via email like a tax return or your social security number. You can also make a message expire after a set period of time to help you stay in control of your information.



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