Website security is fundamental, both for small and big companies. It is very devastating to loose your business online when you could easily avoid it. Lately, hackers are employing diverse tactics to get into the back door of most website. Big companies like Twitter, MySpace and the likes have all fallen victim and are always finding better and precise ways to be ahead of hackers. The goal here is to prevent it before it happens.


 Use Digital Certificates

Every website doing business online must use a digital certificates. Sensitive data is protected, which includes using a form, anything from person’s social security number, credit card information, to his or her address and contact numbers etc. A digital certificate goes a long way towards allowing clients to trust a business is legitimate and entrust sensitive information to it. Well it does comes with a price if you need one. Price ranges depending from which hosting provider you are buying. Never mind, if you don’t have money for starters. Check out  lets encrypt , is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.

Keep Security Regularly Updated

Any good software product is constantly updated, meaning existing scripts are upgraded for better functioning. Same applies for every good website. Let your website administrator keep your website  security update. It helps to keep track if any person trying to illegally gain access, download or alter the website files. This makes the correction of such problems, if they arise, easier. Online criminals are always on the move and one has to be on the look for any usual occurrences.

Monitor Online Activities

Your website administer on a regular basis should change the admin passwords while observing all activities online and offline. This helps to reduce your website from attacks. Email from unknown people should be treated suspiciously, particularly if an attachment is included. Often these attachments have a Trojan, virus, or other malicious software packaged inside them that will burst free when the attachment is downloaded.

Always remember, for every virus and illegal access that is prevented on their personal computer represents a lot of money saved.