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Coswift Arbitrage is a trading platform that apply arbitrage trading techniques using high frequency trading robots.
First things first, what is Coswift Arbitrage?

Coswift Arbitrage is a trading strategy in which a person buys an asset on one exchange and sells it on another, buying where the price is lower and selling where it’s higher. An example of this would be if 1 ADA costs $50 on Coinbase but also trades on Gemini for $55. Though the unit is the same, thanks to the difference in crypto exchange prices, there is a five-dollar opportunity for arbitrage.

Some of the advantages of Coswift Arbitrage are as follows
The high frequency trading Bots run 24/7 – Unlike humans, Bots do not need to sleep and can run 24/7, and because of this, a Bot can generate more trades than a person can.

Coswift Arbitrage Bots are faster than humans: which capitalize on arbitrage opportunities faster than any human can. Since price imbalances between markets last only for a few seconds or minutes and occur during highly volatile market conditions,
speed is crucial when trading.

The crypto arbitrage trading is relatively new and offers great risk management as you don’t expose your portfolio to the market why not visit lets get your money making journey started.