NotifyBuk App is finally on Google Play Store, Download and Start Earning Money

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The long wait is over. Advertisers and Publishers can now download the Notify Buk App on Google Play Store to start earning money! 3 simple steps to earn money 1, First download Notify Buk App on Google Play Store.  Download link >>>  Notify Buk 2, Register 3, Select a campaign type. 4, Great! now start earning money. Read all about the Notify Buk App. Kindly click link below. 

Nokia 3310: My all time favourite phone

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You will agree with me, that throughout the 90s and early 2000s, Nokia mobile phones was loved and used by millions of people around the world including Africa. In Ghana,  the Nokia 3310 was so cherished due to many factors including long battery life. Original Nokia 3310            Image: EBAY My Experience My father in the early 2000s, had a Nokia 3310 and was dark blue in colour. 

3 ways on how to protect your PC from hackers

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Image: pixabay Many at times we get stressed over our PCs getting attacked online and even files stolen. There are countless steps if taken note can help you to reduce the above. Below are 3 ways to protect your computer from hackers online. 1, Install a Premium Anti Virus Programs Please avoid all those free sites and download platform giving you access to free antivirus. Is no secret that. 

‘Startup Act’ approved by Tunisian Parliament

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With the advent of the digital age, many countries have decided to take the bold step toward startup ideas knowing the colossal benefit to an economy. In Africa, the Tunisia parliament after 2 years of deliberation has finally passed the ‘Startup Act’. Image: A bill which will drive the economy of Tunisia in diverse areas of endeavors, namely ecommerce, constructions, aviation. 

Traffic Smash : 3D car racing with extra bonuses

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Traffic Smash is an amazing car racing game with lots of extra bonuses. While driving, do not forget to ask for help from your friends in land forces and air forces in Traffic Smash. With the help from land forces and air force you will make all cars in traffic wreck. Smash all cars , do not forget, more you smash car, more you earn score and money F-16 ‘s will always be ready to help. 

Webtexttool: The best SEO tool for copywriters

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Webtexttool is a young, fast-growing company that assists 10.000nds of users on a daily basis with real-time predictive tips to optimize SEO scores, to optimize text conversions and to get the best available keywords. On average companies who use Webtexttool raise their Google ranking by 300% and double on page reading time. Where would you end up? OUR SECRET: BIG DATA Webtexttool creates. 

SpringPublisher: A professional and easy to use desktop publishing software

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SpringPublisher is a professional and easy to use desktop publishing software. With its included various templates and online template store, powerful multi-layer editor, detailed help-files, SpringPublisher enables you to design and print business cards, flyers, postcards, letterheads, labels and other artworks within a few minutes. SpringPublisher Screen Shot SpringPublisher Screen Shot Features 1. Enables. 

GrowMyinsta: The complete Instagram tool for your business

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Are you a business owner, an entrepreneuer? Looking to increase your social media presense on Instagram or Social Media Platforms? For effective online Instagram solutions that won’t break the bank, more business owners are turning to growmyinsta for all of their Social Media needs. We are the only firm of our kind that works laterally with our clients every step of the way to ensure. 

The entrepreneurial journey & the values of mentoring

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iSpace & Startup Mentoring by enpact invites you to an interactive workshop with 5 experienced business founders to learn from their entrepreneurial journey & mentoring experience as enpact fellows! Entrepreneurs are welcome to join us to hear from their inspiring stories, get valuable knowledge and discuss the ups & downs entrepreneurs are facing in the Transport, Food, E-commerce,. 

Facebook Advertising for Businesses

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Details When it comes to Facebook management for Businesses, most people rely on constant posting to increase awareness and engagement. The ticket for this Unlocked Series is LIVE. click here: 👉👉 One of the most critical activities that most people forget to do is Facebook advertisement. Some people think it is difficult! In our Next UNLOCKED SERIES, we will. 

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