Have you ever been in a situation where a relative at the hospital is in dire need of blood or else breath his or her last? You will attest to the fact that one way or the other we have witnessed or heard of such crucial moment in life. Hoping to donate blood? however dont know the process?

Worry no more, to address this challenge, the National Blood Service and BISA have partnered to develop the WALA health App to drive voluntary blood donations. Wala which means Life in the Ghanaian GA Language, is a mobile application that allows hospitals in Ghana to send notification to potential blood donors and also educate the public on the importance of blood donation.
The app will also serve as a database for blood donation activities with the aim of digitizing the whole process in the long term. Wala was founded by Bisa a mobile health technology company in partnership with the National Blood Service Ghana.

Over the years, many Ghanaians have had to depend on family, friends and paid volunteers for blood donations. This is sadly due to an inadequate stock of blood in blood banks across the country.

Some screen shots of WALA Health App
The benefit is that, blood donors who use the application are given a unique code that is integrated with the National Blood Bank database in the case where they or their family need blood or their family , that code allows them to get the blood after payment of processing fees.
Download Wala App today and Get empowered to save a life today. For more information kindly visit walaapp.org