Marketing online does not come cheap. From spending of thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) and on sites-targetted. However, this article will empower you on how to start the free way. It will help you to at least reduce your advertising costs.


Firstly, start with free business cards. You can leave them everywhere you go and also to potential clients you meet. It cost nothing to share your cards at Shopping Malls, Pubs, public notice boards,people you meet on the street. You never know who really is a potential client so kindly cast your net wide.

Secondly, link exchanges are a great way to spread your business scope while it helps you with your page online ranking. Most people who like a site will bookmark it. Make sure the links you exchange are legit and also not a product that is competing with your brand. If you are a blogger, you could write about another blog, add good keywords while the other blog also do same about your blog or business.

Lastly, business card networking is crucial. Do not only leave your cards, take time to talk to people. Not all people you come across maybe ne well versed in your field of endeavor, so taking some introduce yourself and explaining your business to them is some good guarantee of getting a client or you being in business.