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Many at times we get stressed over our PCs getting attacked online and even files stolen. There are countless steps if taken note can help you to reduce the above. Below are 3 ways to protect your computer from hackers online.

1, Install a Premium Anti Virus Programs

Please avoid all those free sites and download platform giving you access to free antivirus. Is no secret that anything premium is the best. These Premium antivirus programs comes with firewall and more safety features that can help to curb this canker. Avira Antivirus.Avast Free AntivirusAVG Free Antivirus. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security  are some antivirus softwares you can look into.

How to Get One Year Premium Anti-Virus Subscription

2, Never Use Open Wi-Fi

Always remember nothing good comes free.  Be careful connecting to Open Wi-Fi platforms. Is an easy process or ways for hackers to get into your system and steal your crucial files or documents. There is this current trend called Ransomware Scams employed by the hackers. Hackers take over your computer, servers or systems and encrypt your documents. You are now then asked to pay a ransom before you access your own personal/company files. Now tell me if you want to go through this?

3, Do change Passwords Frequently

Frequently, it is advisable to change your password(s) as often as possible. The best password combinations are made up of lower and upper letters,  symbols, figures … Also discourage the tendency to login from public computers. Most systems have keyloggers software installed, which records every keystroke by the user. So your passwords for emails and secret logins are all exposed, which is very risky.