Vivalooks is an app for sharing native wears and meeting people who share and believe in your thoughts when it comes to native fashion. Not only does it connect people but also connect Fashion Designers and Fashion Accessory Designers together to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Vivalooks App

Providing users with hundreds of thousands of photos to discover your idea of how your fashion designer will sow your next dress being it Dashiki, Kente, Asoebi ,Office Wear, Church Wear,Wedding Dress, Casual ,Sari Lehegna, Choli, Sherwani , Lungi, Kurta-Pyjama Styles etc.

Vivalooks also helps you to discover how natively other continents (African, Asian etc)and countries (Ghana, Nigeria, India, UK,USA, China, Germany, Holland, Russia etc.) dresses natively.

Vivalooks seeks to blend native fashion with current fashion trends in the way we dress
When it comes to color each person has a particular color or color he/she loves, that’s why this version of vivalooks provides 42 color schemes to choose from to customize the look and feel of the app the way the user wants and also comes along with 12 themes (Abstract, Birthday, Colorful, Fog, Winter etc).

Vivalooks App screenshot

Newly customized settings where you can specify how you receive Push Notifications.

With bug fixes this version of vivalooks provides users with maximum user experience and accuracy when using the app.

On vivalooks we are able to provide users all they want when it comes to native fashion on the comfort of their phones

Discover amazing photo moments and poses as you browse through the app. Vivalooks is the world’s biggest platform when it comes to anything native wear. On vivalooks the most 5 glaring photos at the end of the week gets highlighted

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